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New Wide-view LED L-9294 series with viewing angle of 130°

Kingbright has launched their new L-9294 series, a Wide-view LED with viewing angle of 130°. The LED has a lens diameter of 4,8 mm and edge diameter of 5,8 mm. The lens height is 4,85mm, Kingbright’s L-9294 series will be supplied with water-clear lenses. Kingbright’s new L-9294 series is suitable for all applications where LEDs […]

New compact top-view bi-color chip-type SMD LED KPB-3227 package

As a manufacturer that has a wide broad line of LED coverage, Kingbright introduces the new compact top-view bi-color chip-type SMD LED KPB-3227 package. The KPB-3227 package features industry standard SMD 1210 footprint (3.2 x 2.7 x 1.1mm), compact in size and various output options. The LED has 4 pins and each color can be […]

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    UPDATE 06.03.2020