Monthly Archives: August 2010

Product Change Notification – encapsulation material for reflector SMD LEDs

Kingbright Electronic Co. Ltd., Taiwan has advised that they will make a change to the encapsulation material used in their reflector SMD LEDs, using silicone only in place of the epoxy encapsulation currently utilised. This design improvement applies to the following Kingbright LED series: KA-1010 KA-3527A KA-4008 KAAF-3528 KA-1011 KA-3528 KA-4040 KAAF-5050 KA-2810A KA-3528A KA-5060 […]

Kingbright Photo interrupter KRA021

Kingbright Electronic have extended their product range with a new type in a compact housing. The new type KRA021 is intended as a position recognition device for use in copiers, printers and fax machines. KRA021 has a compact housing with the dimensions 7.5(w) x 2.6(h) x 6.3(d) mm and an opening of 5 mm. The […]