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Product Change Notification – Change of reel size for KPG-1005 series

Hereby we inform you that Kingbright will change the standard reel size for the following part numbers from 2.000 pcs to 4.000 pcs per reel: KPG-1005CGC-TT      KPG-1005PBC-TT-5MAV KPG-1005SEC-E-TT    KPG-1005SEC-TT      KPG-1005SURC-TT     KPG-1005SYC-TT KPG-1005VGC-TT-5MAV     To support our customers Kingbright Europe will continue to supply KPG-1005 series with reel size of 2.000 pcs. But the part numbers will […]

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    UPDATE 06.03.2020