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New Dome Lens SMD-LED in 0805 package – KPTD-2012 Series

With the KPTD-2012 series Kingbright offers a Dome Lens SMD-LED in 0805 package. The following versions are available: 630 nm red =  KPTD-2012SURCK  (typ. 550 mcd @ 20 mA, 40° viewing angle) 625 nm red =  KPTD-2012SECK-J3-PRV  (typ. 2000 mcd @ 20 mA, 40° viewing angle) 601 nm orange =  KPTD-2012SECK  (typ. 750 mcd @ […]

End of Life – Notification no. KBE-0020

Kingbright Electronic Co., Ltd. Taiwan have advised that the following listed Optocouplers will be moved to EOL (End of Life) due to low demand by 31st December 2017. Part numbers: KB3541NT KB8141 KB816-B KB817C-B KB817-M KB824 KB825 KB827-B (SMD version) – all Ranks (KB827L-B, KB827A-B, KB827B-B, KB827C-B, KB827D-B, KB827AB-B, KB827BC-B, KB827CD-B, KB827AC-B, KB827BD-B, KB827AD-B) KB845 […]

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