Product Change Notification – encapsulation material for reflector SMD LEDs

Kingbright Electronic Co. Ltd., Taiwan has advised that they will make a change to the encapsulation material used in their reflector SMD LEDs, using silicone only in place of the epoxy encapsulation currently utilised. This design improvement applies to the following Kingbright LED series:


KA-3527A KA-4008 KAAF-3528
KA-1011 KA-3528 KA-4040 KAAF-5050


KA-3528A KA-5060 KAAF-5051
KA-2735 KA-3529 KA-8080 KAAF-5060
KA-3021 KA-3535 KAA-3528 KAF-5060
KA-3022 KA-3806 KAA-5060

In summary, with affect from 01.11.10 all Kingbright SMD series which start with KA or KAA will be produced with a silicone encapsulation.

Silicone encapsulated devises show at least one level of improvement in Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL). Existing electrical and optical data will not be affected.


At the end of 2007 we advised you that Kingbright’s KA-3528 series had been replaced by the series KA-3528A as a result of a patent issue. The difference between these 2 series was only the shape of the connecting contacts.

We are pleased to advise that Kingbright are permitted to offer the KA-3528 series once again. Therefore we will change all part numbers starting with

KA-3528Axxx  back to  KA-3528XXX.

The benefit for all our customers is the lower price of KA-3528 series compared with those of the KA-3528A series.