K-Linear High Power LED KASL-4808 series


Kingbright has expanded their product range with the new K-linear high power LED KASL-4805 series. This new type is suitable for applications such as relief, contours and decorative lighting. Kingbright’s KASL-4805 series is made with 15 super bright LED chips to supply highest brightness.  The heat dissipation is enhanced by an aluminum housing and by an aluminum substrate and increases the life expectancy of the LEDs. The KASL-4805 series has a dimension of 48 mm x 5 mm x 1.6 mm and is available in red, green, yellow and blue for forward currents of 350mA, 500mA and 700mA.

pdf  KASL-4805QB25SX15-7(Ver.2)

pdf  KASL-4805ZG25SX15-7(Ver.3B)

pdf  KASL-4805SYL1SX15-5(Ver.2)

pdf  KASL-4805SEL1SX15-5(Ver.2)