Kingbright’s new Mini RGB SMD-LEDs

KPGF-0606 low

Kingbright are pleased to announce a further extension to their large SMD-LED product range with the launch of the new Mini RGB SMD-LEDs KPGF series.

The following parts are available now:

  • KPGF-0606GBRC-120 with dimensions of 0,65 mm x 0,65 mm x 0,2 mm thickness
  • KPGF-0808GBRC-120 with dimensions of 0,80 mm x 0,80 mm x 0,2 mm thickness
  • KPGF-1011GBRC-120 with dimensions of 1,00 mm x 1,00 mm x 0,2 mm thickness

This new product is suitable for back lighting, indication, office automation, home appliances wearable computers and all applications where RGB SMD-LEDs in smallest package with a very low profile are necessary.


  • Low power consumption
  • Can produce any colour in visible spectrum
  • Moisture sensitivity level: 3
  • Low current IF 5mA operation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Small footprint

For more information please contact us.

pdf Promotional paper KPGF-0606GBRC-120 KPGF-0606_promotional-paper

pdf Spec sheet KPGF-0606GBRC-120 KPGF-0606GBRC-120(Ver.1B)

pdf Promotional paper KPGF-0808GBRC-120 KPGF-0808_promotional-paper

pdf Spec sheet KPGF-0808GBRC-120 KPGF-0808GBRC-120(Ver.1B)

pdf Promotional paper KPGF-1011GBRC-120 KPGF-1011_promotional-paper

pdf Spec sheet KPGF-1011GBRC-120 KPGF-1011GBRC-120(Ver.2B)


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