New Dot-Matrix Displays with square dots


Kingbright is pleased to announce an expansion of its product range with the introduction of 3 new Dot Matrix modules with square dots.

These Dot Matrix modules are available as follows:

• TA/TC12-41 series, a 5×7 dot matrix with a matrix height of 28.11 mm and height dimensions of 30.0 mm and 22.0 mm in width.

• TA/TC13-11 series, a 6×7 dot matrix with a matrix of 30.50 mm and height dimensions of 34.0 mm in height and 23.8mm width.

• TA/TC16-31 series, a 5×7 dot matrix with a matrix height of 34.00 mm and dimensions of 42.0 mm in height and 25.0 mm width.

TA stands for common anode and common cathode for TC.

All 3 Dot Matrix series have a black surface to reproduce the best possible contrast. The product can be lined up both horizontally and vertically to each other and suitable for operation with low power.

All products are available in standard colors of red (EWB), hyper-red (SRWB), green (GWB) and yellow (YWB) available and also available in super-bright versions of InGaAlP chips, super-bright red (SURKWB ), super-bright green (CGKWB) and super-bright yellow (SYKWB).

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