Product Change Notification – KA-2810 series

Kingbright Electronic Co. Ltd., Taiwan just informed that their SMD-LED KA-2810 series will move to EOL (end of life) status because the supplier of KA-2810 lead frame has discontinued the lead frame.

Kingbright will offer the new KA-2810A series for new projects at the same price level as KA-2810 series.  For existing projects we will continue to support the KA-2810 series until the end of May 2010.

For new projects only the new KA-2810A series should be used which has a lower profile but fits same soldering pattern as KA-2810!

The new KA-2810A series will be assembled with the same LED chips as KA-2810 series, so the electrical and optical characteristics remain unchanged.

pdf  product_change_notification_ka-2810-series