Product Change Notification – L-32P3 & L-932P3 series

Hereby we have to inform you that the #2 leadframe used for Kingbright’s Phototransistors L-32P3C / L-32P3BT and L-932P3C / L-932P3BT is not more available.

Kingbright has to use a new leadframe for producing the 3mm Phototransistors now. For this reason Kingbright has changed the part numbers to

  • L-3DP3C (water-clear lens)
  • L-3DP3BT (blue transparent lens)
  • L-93DP3C (water-clear lens)
  • L-93DP3BT (blue transparent lens)

From now we will supply the new products only!

We will send you spec sheets and samples of the above listed Phototransistors upon request.

pdf  product_change_notification_l32+l932p3-series

Spec sheets:

pdf  L-93DP3BT(Ver.1)

pdf  L-93DP3C(Ver.5)

pdf  L-3DP3BT(Ver.5)

pdf  L-3DP3C(Ver.9)