Product Change Notification – L-4060XH/3 series replaced by L-4060XHA/3 series


Left: L-4060XH/3 series, right: L-4060XHA/3 series


Kingbright Electronic Co. Ltd., Taiwan have advised that following the discontinuation of the L-4060XH/3 series. The CBI (Circuit Board Indicator) will be moved to End of Life (EOL) status.

Kingbright will offer the new L-4060XHA/3 series for new projects at the same price level. For existing projects we will continue to support the L-4060XH/3 series until 30 June 2015.

The new L-4060XHA/3 series will be assembled with the same LED as the L-4060XH/3 series, so the dimensions, electrical and optical data remain unchanged.

This will affect only the part numbers detailed attached. Please check which of the listed part numbers are purchased by your company and change as soon as possible to the listed replacement.

In summary, with affect from 30 June 2015 all below listed part numbers will be no longer available.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Affected Part Numbers                               Replacement

L-4060XH/3GD                                                 L-4060XHA/3GD

L-4060XH/3ID                                                  L-4060XHA/3ID

L-4060XH/3YD                                                 L-4060XHA/3YD

L-4060XH/2Y1GD                                            L-4060XHA/2Y1GD

L-4060XH/1I2YD                                             L-4060XHA/1I2YD

L-4060XH/1I1Y1GD                                         L-4060XHA/1I1Y1GD

L-4060XH/1G2YD                                            L-4060XHA/1G2YD

L-4060XH/1G1I1GD                                         L-4060XHA/1G1I1GD


pdf  Product Change Notification L-4060XH-3 series


Spec sheets L-4060XHA/3 series

pdf  L-4060XHA-3GD(Ver.3B)

pdf  L-4060XHA-3ID(Ver.3A)

pdf  L-4060XHA-3YD(Ver.3B)

pdf  L-4060XHA-2Y1GD(Ver.1B)

pdf  L-4060XHA-1I2YD(Ver.1A)

pdf  L-4060XHA-1I1Y1GD(Ver.1A)

pdf L-4060XHA-1G2YD(Ver 1B)

pdf  L-4060XHA-1G1I1GD(Ver 1A)

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