Product Change Notification – SA/SC50-21 series


Hereby we have to inform you that the existing tooling for the SA/SC50-21 reflector is worn-out and will be replaced immediately with new tooling. Product made from this new tooling will have slightly different dimensions.

Kingbright’s SA/SC50-21 series will now become obsolete and will be replaced by the new SA/SC50-31 series!

The old SA/SC50-21 display has dimensions of 108,0 mm (width) x 180,2 mm (height) x 15,6 mm (thickness) and a segment width of 8,8 mm.

The new SA/SC50-31 series has dimensions of 107,5 mm (width) x 179,5 mm (height) x 15,2 mm (thickness) and a segment width of 9,0 mm.

In addition the shape of the segments has been changed.

The pin layout of the new SA/SC50-31 series remains the same as for the now obsolete SA/SC50-21 series.

Because SA/SC50-21 was not popular, Kingbright doesn’t keep stock of the reflectors. Because of the unexpectedly rapid wearing of the tooling, Kingbright will supply the new SA/SC50-31 series only!

pdf  product_change_notification_sx50-21

pdf  SA50-31CGKWA(Ver.2)

pdf  SA50-31EWA(Ver.1)

pdf  SA50-31GWA(Ver.1)

pdf  SA50-31SEKWA(Ver.1)

pdf  SA50-31SRWA(Ver.1)

pdf  SA50-31SURKWA(Ver.1)

pdf  SA50-31SYKWA(Ver.2)

pdf  SA50-31YWA(Ver.1)

pdf  SC50-31CGKWA(Ver.2)

pdf  SC50-31EWA(Ver.1)

pdf  SC50-31GWA(Ver.1)

pdf  SC50-31SEKWA(Ver.1)

 pdf SC50-31SRWA(Ver.1)

pdf  SC50-31SURKWA(Ver.2)

pdf  SC50-31SYKWA(Ver.2)

pdf  SC50-31YWA(Ver.1)