Product Change Notification 2020-0006 (SY-H chip)

Notification number: 2020-0006 (V1)

Affected part numbers:

  1. L-7104SYC-H / L-934SYC-H  (3mm LED)
  2. L-7104SYD-H (3mm LED)
  3. L-7113SYC-H / L-53SYC-H  (5mm LED)
  4. L-7113SYD-H / L-53SYD-H (5mm LED)
  5. L-483SYC-H  (5mm Flat-Top LEDs)
  6. L-813SYC-H (10mmm LED)
  7. L-7679C1SYC-H (Super Flux LED)
  8. L-7676CSYC-H (Super Flex LED)

Change description:

SY-H chip changed to SYK-J3 chip

Reason for change:

Chip supplier will no longer supply the SY-H chip contained in above PNs. Suggest to change to alternative SYK-J3 chip as replacement.

Anticipated impact of change:

The physical properties are identical and the electrical properties are considered compatible. Customer can check the specs and request samples for approval.

Part numbers to substitute affected parts:

  1. L-7104SYCK-J3 / L-934SYCK-J3  (3mm LED)
  2. No alternative for L-7104SYD-H (3mm LED)
  3. L-7113SYCK-J3 / L-53SYCK-J3  (5mm LED)
  4. L-7113SYDK-J3 / L-53SYDK-J3 (5mm LED)
  5. L-483SYCK-J3  (5mm Flat-Top LEDs)
  6. No alternative for L-813SYC-H (10mmm LED)
  7. No alternative for L-7679C1SYC-H (Super Flux LED)
  8. No alternative for L-7676CSYC-H (Super Flex LED)

Last Time Buy:

Kingbright accept Last Time Buy for the affected part numbers until 15 May 2020 latest as long as chip stock is available.