Technical Information about KPTD-3216 series

KPTD-3216 low

Following customer feedback regarding the viewing angle of KPTD-3216xxxC series (water clear epoxy), the Kingbright factory made new measurements on viewing angle in January 2013. It was detected that the viewing angle of 50 degrees specified in previous data sheets is incorrect. The accurate viewing angle is 35 degrees. Existing data sheets have been changed gradually. No changes have been made on the component itself.

Please find the updated spec sheets:

pdf KPTD-3216CGCK(Ver.20B)

pdf KPTD-3216QBC-D(Ver.16B)

pdf KPTD-3216SECK(Ver.14A)

pdf KPTD-3216SURCK(Ver.19A)

pdf KPTD-3216SYCK(Ver.17B)

pdf KPTD-3216VBC-D(Ver.4B)

pdf KPTD-3216ZGC-G(Ver.4B)

pdf KPTD-3216ZGC(Ver.11B)