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High Brightness LEDs KA-3529A series

By Udo Reinhold on 14. Februar 2008 in Allgemein


Kingbright’s new KA-3529A series combines the request for super-bright LEDs in a known standard housing. The KA-3529A series does not differ in their package shape from Kingbright’s known KA-3528 series (PLCC-2 package). With a modified lead frame it is possible to operate the SMD-LED with a forward current of 150 mA and can achieve much higher light intensities than the KA-3528 series. The new KA-3529A series is available in red, green, yellow and blue colors. The red SMD-LED KA-3529ASELZ4S  for example has a typical brightness of 3000 mcd @ IF 150 mA / typical 11 lm @ 150 mA.

pdf  KA-3529AQB25Z4S(Ver.2B)

pdf  KA-3529ASELZ4S(Ver.1B)

pdf  KA-3529ASYLZ4S(Ver.1B)

pdf  KA-3529AZG25Z4S(Ver.1B)

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