Kingbright’s wide range of Dome lens SMD-LEDs

Dome lens SMD-LEDs

Kingbright offers a wide range of SMD-LED’s with dome lens in various packages including 0603 package (KPTD-1608), 1206 package (KPTD-3216), PLCC package (KPED-3528) and many others.

The dome lens packages provide narrow viewing angles of 15° to 30° allowing a more focused and brighter intensity output and eliminating any light bleeding issues.

Kingbright’s Dome lens SMD-LED’s are available in single colours of Red, Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue, and also bi-colour versions. The Dome lens SMD-LEDs have low power consumption and are compatible with automatic placement equipment. These products have Moisture Sensitivity Level 3 and are RoHS complaint.

The Dome lens package is excellent for network devices, consumer electronics, medical equipment, hand held products and icon/text indications. It offers extended aesthetic benefits for designers of signs, appliances, interior and exterior automotive lighting, backlighting, and indicator applications.

This dome lens family of products complements Kingbright’s extensive range of SMD LEDs.

For details on availability, data sheets and samples please contact.

pdf Kingbright’s Dome lens SMD-LEDs (englisch)

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