KPPA-3010 series: New right angle Dome Lens SMD-LED, 3.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 2.5 mm


With the KPPA-3010 series Kingbright offers a new right angle Dome Lens package similar to the popular KPA-3010 series.

The new KPPA-3010 series has dimensions of 3.0 x 1.0 mm and a dome lens of 2,5mm. The KPPA-3010 series provides a viewing angle of 30 degrees allowing bright intensity output.

Kingbright’s new KPPA-3010 series is available in the colours red (KPDA-3010SURCK), orange (KPPA-3010SECK), green (KPPA-3010CGCK), true-green (KPPA-3010ZGC), yellow (KPPA-3010SYCK) and blue (KPPA-3010QBC-D).

This 3.0 x 1.0 x 2,5mm right angle Dome Lens package is excellent for network devices, consumer electronics, medical equipment, hand held products and icon/text indications.


Spec sheets:

pdf  KPPA-3010CGCK(Ver.3B)

pdf KPPA-3010SURCK(Ver.4A)

pdf KPPA-3010SECK(Ver.1A)

pdf KPPA-3010SYCK(Ver.4B)

pdf KPPA-3010ZGC(Ver.1B)

pdf KPPA-3010QBC-D(Ver.2B)

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